Our Contact Information

Location and Postal Address: Embassy of the Republic of Ghana,
Calle Hernandez de Tejada 10, 28027, Madrid, Kingdom of Spain
Phone No: 0034 915 670 440 / 0034 915 670 390, Fax No: 0034 915 670 391
Email Address: info@ghanaembassy.es or consular@ghanaembassy.es

For directions to the Embassy in Google Maps, please click here or on the live image.

Working Hours and Public Holidays

Our working hours are 09.30 hrs to 15.00 hrs, Monday to Fridays. On Fridays however, we are closed to the public and only official visitors with appointments are allowed entry. The Mission is also closed on all public holidays in The Republic of Ghana, The Kingdom of Spain, and the City of Madrid. Please see all public holidays here.

Visa, Passport & Consular Enquiries

The Consular section is open to the public between 10.30 hrs and 14.30 hrs Monday to Thursdays. However on Thursdays, we attend to adults who are applying for passports for the first time or those replacing lost or damaged passports. This is by appointment only.

To apply for our consular services, please visit our Online Application Portal. All consular enquiries should also be directed to: consular@ghanaembassy.es.

Webmaster and Other Enquiries

To report errors in this web site please send an email to: info@ghanaembassy.es. For all enquiries about Ghana, The Embassy or any of the services we provide, call us on 0034 915 670 440 (09.30 hrs to 15.00 hrs, Monday to Fridays).

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