Introduction of Biometric Passport at The Embassy of Ghana in Madrid

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Madrid wishes to announce for the information of Ghanaians living in Spain and Andorra that, the Mission would commence the issuance of Ghanaian biometric passports from 1st October 2020. To this end, the following guidelines would apply for the smooth implementation of the process:

Completion of Forms

All passport applicants must complete passport application forms online at and copies printed for submission at the Embassy on the scheduled appointment date. Please note that the old passport forms (PDF forms version) have been phased-out and cannot be accepted.

Supporting Documents

Applicants must submit originals of all supporting documents at the Embassy on the scheduled appointment date for verification. In this light, all Ghanaian Birth Certificates must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Accra, Ghana, and supported with any of the following national photo ID as proof of ownership of such Birth Certificates:

  • Driver’s Licence;
  • Ghana Card;
  • Voters’ ID;
  • Health Insurance Card; and
  • Photo embossed Educational Certificate duly issued by an accredited Ghanaian institution.


As a result of increasing COVID-19 infections in Spain and the need to practice social distancing, passport applicants are admonished to strictly adhere to their appointment date and time to protect staff and other members of the general public during visits to the Embassy. Visitors without appointments would not be attended to, similarly, visitors who arrive hours before their appointment time may have to wait outside until the scheduled time to avoid congestion at the Embassy. Please comply to avoid inconveniences.

Passport Fees/Charges

TypeCategoriesOrdinary (8 weeks)Express (14 days)
 New (minor)€120.00To be announced
 New (adult)€230.00
 New (minor)€180.00
 New (adult)€280.00

Extended Expiry Date Applicants

Passport renewal applicants who have already had the expiry date in their machine-readable passports extended for one year, may wish to obtain  biometric passports by completing new application forms online and booking an appointment to have their biometric details captured at the Embassy in order to be issued with a biometric passport. 

Counting on your usual cooperation

Madrid, 23rd September 2020