Welcome to the official website of the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in The Kingdom of Spain. This site has been created to reflect the desire to satisfy the needs of our numerous visitors and serve as a source of information on Ghana, a country endowed with unlimited opportunities in human capital, trade, investment and tourism.

Ghana is recognised as a model of democracy, characterized by political stability, the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights. The nation enjoys peace and political harmony which are essential for socio-economic progress and cultural advancement.

With the available natural and human resources, good governance, liberalised economy and constantly expanding resources as well as infrastructure, Ghana is rapidly becoming an attractive and profitable investment and business destination in West Africa, facilitating easy access to sub-regional markets from some 250 million people. The recent discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities continues to give rise to promising opportunities and an opening for private investors.

Ghana’s cultural diversity, friendly people and the proverbial hospitality, coupled with geographic accessibility uniquely positions Ghana as the preferred destination for many tourists

The Ghana Embassy remains committed to serving the needs of its numerous partners as well as Ghanaian citizens resident in Kingdom of Spain. It is our sincere hope that our visitors will find this website resourceful and we welcome any constructive suggestions that would help improve our services.

Thank you!